u can still be thug as hell even if you cry everyday right

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She knew that what she was going through was nothing special, just garden-variety heartbreak, the sort of thing that poets and novelists had been writing about for hundreds of years, but she also knew, from those same books, that there were people who never recover form it, ones who go on through life beset by a dim and painful longing.
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last day of school like:



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Silly love


That’s what love meant, loving someone even if they didn’t deserve it, loving someone despite how they are bombs to your life, loving someone even wen they make you feel the worst. That was love right there, that despite all this shitty reasons, you love them anyway. They make you feel amazing and scared all at once. It’s all so indescribable, sometimes you just wanna scream but most of the time you just wanna lock your fingers with theirs and just never let go.


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